FTL finances big ideas in biotechnology, energy, and industrial technology.  Our goal is to enable the companies that will massively improve the human condition.

Big ideas often require big money.  We focus on companies with significant capital requirements—typically from $50 million on up.  The sky’s the limit.

But we understand that raising $2 billion is not simply a bigger version of raising $2 million.  It requires people who understand how to structure large capital requirements to meet the needs of capital-intensive businesses. This expertise means more money for your company with less dilution to shareholders.


We sponsor biotechnology companies developing new therapeutics, devices, or diagnostics that are completing Phase II or just starting Phase III clinical trials—with a focus on mitigating FDA regulatory approval risk.  We do not finance pre-clinical development, nor do we finance Phase I clinical trials.


FTL’s team has unique experience in the financing of breakthrough energy projects, ranging from the largest capital programs of two super-major oil producers to one of the most disruptive new sources of energy on the horizon today. Our experience spans traditional energy projects like coal, oil & gas, and nuclear, to alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal,
to the bleeding edge of new energy sources like fusion and zero-point energy. Because of the capital intensity of energy projects, FTL provides “risk mitigated project finance” (RMPF) for programs ranging from a few hundred million to several billion dollars.

If your company is commercializing a new energy program, FTL’s unique RMPF program can significantly lower your cost of capital.

Industrial Technology

FTL’s industrial technology focus builds upon a deep expertise in aerospace and information technology (telecommunications, software, & robotics). FTL’s professionals created the financing foundation for today’s satellite launch business, co-founded the first private space launch company, and invented new rocket propulsion technology.  If your company is developing something that would fit on the Starship Enterprise, and you need over $50 million, we want to speak with you.

While FTL is clearly focused on pushing technology boundaries, we do not finance early stage companies seeking seed or “Series A” levels of venture capital. We do not accept “market risk,” as the path to revenue must be clearly established.

But if you’ve mastered the basics, and your company is facing the large financing requirements you need for the next step, give us a call.