Ideas that Move the World

Founded in 2013, FTL invests in companies engaged in the most profound and significant advances in the world. We fund the projects that others cannot: often because the capital is too large, the timeline is too long, or the perceived risk is too great. But that is the nature of profound innovation: it doesn’t come easily.

FTL has its origins in space & technology infrastructure. There, over 30 years ago, our partners invented risk-mitigated project finance as a way to fund large projects, with long timelines, and significant perceived risk.

Today, our mission is to enable the most important advances that mankind faces: energy, to power a clean future, biotechnology, to keep us healthy, and space & technology infrastructure, to connect humanity, and keep us safe.

Our heroes are the people who see beyond today’s horizon, and reach for the stars. They dream big, and they set unreasonable goals. We aim to help them get there.